D-Ron issues Staff Shares Options to Staff

31st July 2014


D-Ron issues Staff Shares Options to Staff

Singapore, 31st July, 2014 – D-Ron Singapore Pte Ltd announces that pursuant to the recent organizational changes and increases in individual responsibility, senior staff of D-Ron Group in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan will be eligible to incentive staff shares options to given by the company.

The Company believes that by adopting the Shares Options, the Company will have greater flexibility in tailoring reward and incentive packages suitable for Staff and aligning Staff’s interests with those of Shareholders. The Company believes that this will in turn inculcate in Staff a stronger and more lasting sense of identification with the Group, and further strengthen the Company’s competitiveness in attracting and retaining talented employees, especially employees who have the requisite knowledge, technical skills and experience whom the Company believes could contribute to the development and growth of the Group. The Shares Options is intended to complement the Group’s continuing efforts to reward, retain and motivate Participants to achieve better performance.

The selection of the staff and the number of Shares Options to be granted to a staff shall be determined at the absolute discretion of the committee, which shall take into account criteria such as staff rank, job performance, years of service and potential for future development, contribution to the success and development of the Group and the extent of effort required to achieve the performance target within the performance period.

In addition, under the Shares Options, all options granted regardless whether they are vested or not will be entitled to an incentive payment. The decision to pay out this incentive or award this incentive to the individual will be the sole discretion of the committee. The incentive payment will be calculated the same or equivalent as that of the company’s dividend.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Ronnie Hun,
Managing Director
D-Ron Group of Companies